What is FreshAnalytics?

FreshAnalytics is focussed on providing clients with accurate, timely, value-added and actionable aerial data analytics and analysis.

Notice the head of lettuce on the left? It’s fresh-looking, the right color of green (like our logo) and looks crisp. The one on the right, not so much. It looks rotten. It has black discoloration, looks gooey and slimy.

As a client, you much prefer data analytics that are fresh and actionable, rather than getting stale analytics where problems are identified, but it’s too late to make changes or very costly to make changes. Or maybe you’re getting measurements (volumes, distances) that are not quite as accurate as you would like. Then you are basing decisions on bad data. And nothing good comes of that.

So how do we deliver fresh analytics?
We focus on four pilars that drive our business!


Give clients what they want, and they’ll be long-term clients.
That is what we are committed to in the long-term. If we can go out of our way to provide value at a reasonable price (VARP - yes we just coined that), then we will have done what we set out to do. Only by partnering with clients in a mutually beneficial long-term relationship can we hope to do that.


Clients speak…we listen.
Sounds simple enough, right? Simple but not easy. You see, it's human nature to avoid pain. And sometimes hearing from clients that things aren't so right can feel a tad uncomfortable. So most people (and dare I say most businesses), avoid seeking feedback like the plague. So we put ourselves out there. We promise to call you and ask how things are. We promise to email you to seek out detailed feedback on your experience with us. We promise to listen.


We stand behind our service. Period.
The commercial drone industry is not exactly mature...to say the least. It is up to industry participants to prove their mettle with clients. We will stand by the service that we deliver by offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on any of the services we provide. Whether we are delivering our Frequent-Flyer Scouting Program or whether we are delivering our One Site One Flight One Survey Program, we will give clients the opportunity to review the output from our survey every single time we fly. If the client is not happy, we will work with the client until 100% Satisfaction is achieved. Period. Click here for the details of our guarantee. We promise there is no fine print. Just print!


Striving to “uncomplicate” the complicated
We want to make things as simple as possible for prospective clients and clients alike. From the first time you arrive to this site (or make contact with us) to your registration with us, to our pre-flight site assessment, to the actual flight, to the delivery of the analytics, to your experience with The Hangar (your personal hub in the cloud), we will lay things out as simply as possible, and we will never quit to make things more simple over time.

But we will need your help. When we honour pillar number two (We promise to listen), we will want to know from you what we can do to make our service better.