Surveying & Engineering firms are always looking to improve efficiencies.

Using FreshAnalytics for drone-driven surveying, mapping and measurements makes sense.

Surveying Scene

Safety should always be the priority on a worksite

It goes without saying that worksites can sometimes be dangerous places for personnel. But traditional surveying crews must be on the worksite to do their jobs properly. And while no one denies the accuracy of surveys meticulously executed by experienced surveying crews, those same crews may at times be put in harms way.

But what if “harms way” can be avoided?

Using drone technology to carry out certain surveying/mapping/measuring jobs makes sense. Where the jobsites are dangerous, and where drone-mapping accuracy suffices, using drones should seriously be considered by any surveying or engineering firm wanting to minimize risks to human life.

There are jobs where drone technology is not sufficient

Any terrain that has a dense tree canopy will pose a challenge to any aerial photogrammetry for surveying, mapping, or measuring. In such cases, the sensors will confuse the top of the tree cover with the ground. Large bodies of water on the surveyed property can also pose a challenge to aerial mapping.

In cases like these consider using our LIDAR mapping services.

Construction Manager and Engineer

But there are many more where drone technology very much is sufficient (and recommended)

Large mapping areas

Obviously, the larger the area, the more it makes sense to use drone technology. FreshAnalytics surveying platform can cover 500 acres in less than half a day. The data is processed over night and the analytics can be available to clients as little as 24 hours later. It would likely take weeks (not days) for multiple surveying crews to cover the same distance.

Difficult terrain

Difficult terrain can complicate matters as well for traditional survey crews. Mountainous terrain, valleys, cliffs, swamps…these can all pose challenges to survey crews, but they are not a challenge for our drone platform.

Open Pit Mines and Aggregates Operations

When they need to be surveyed, the walls of the pit tend to pose a surveying challenge to traditional surveyors. FreshAnalytics surveying platform can solve that problem without putting anyone in harms way.

Time is money

Whether it’s a large mapping area, difficult terrain or other topographical challenges, survey crews will take much longer to cover the same area than FreshAnalytics, and time is money.

Consider making us part of your surveying crew

If you want to improve your project margins, reduce risks, and acccelerate time to completion, consider making us part of your surveying crew.

We would be happy to discuss any project with you!