What’s the current status of your site?

See earthworks progress, report on inventory, and track changes with 3D surveys captured quickly, safely, and cost effectively. Streamline operations with safety checks and better communication. Compare against designs or past surveys to see how much you’ve done and what’s left to do.

How fast is the job getting done?

Know before things slip behind. Instantly analyze your surveys and designs to see how fast you’re getting to the final grade. Track inventory and production rates more frequently and accurately.

Is the job getting done right?

Compare with your plans to make sure work is being done accurately and safely. Spot mistakes and problems before they become expensive. Check that roads and slopes are safe. Make sure traffic and environment management is clear and compliant.

Are we meeting budget? 

Estimate, plan, and run progress claims with confidence on data everyone shares and trusts. Avoid costly mistakes and rework. Eliminate inventory write-offs with regular, accurate reports. Validate environment and safety issues visually so everyone can understand, improve, and avoid incidents and fines.