It's all about you

(And continuously getting better at serving you)

Get to Know You

It really is all about you. Notice what sticks out like a sore thumb in the diagram?

Getting to know you is part of our DNA. Whether it's our first flight together or the hundredth, we will always come back to "getting to know you".

If we're continuously getting to know you, we are continuously getting better at delivering value to you.

Here are some of the things we try to figure out in this stage:

  • What are you hoping to get from our service?
  • What issues/problems are you facing with the property you want surveyed?
  • What's the nature of your business?
  • Where in your cost structure would you like to save money?
  • What initiatives have you implemented in the past to reduce your cost structure?
  • How do we best implement your feedback (see stage 6...more on this later) to improve our service to you?

And once we get to know you, it's time for Mission Prep!

This stage is all about mitigating risks identified before flight operations. During the normal course of our operations, we are occupying airspace by flying our sUAS (small unmanned aerial system) platform. We share this airspace with other airborne vehicles and must be very aware of any potential airborne risks. We are also very aware that there are ground-based risks that need to be considered. People, buildings, trees, power lines, transmission towers, adjacent properties and their occupants to name a few.

During this stage, we will do our very best to identify risks related to the mission before showing up for a site survey. The first step is to identify the subject property being surveyed...your property. We will need your help here. We'll need your address (or other type of coordinates), we will need the names of roads that border your property (if necessary). And to the best of your knowledge, we will need you to identify the neighbors that border your property. And once we have identified the parameters of your property, we will work with you to confirm we have properly identified the boundaries of your property.

Once we have identified the risks related to the operation, and identified how we will mitigate those risks, we will schedule the initial flight.

The Flight

The next stage is actually three steps:

1. Pre-Flight Checks
2. The Flight
3. Post-Flight Checks

We won't get into the finer details here because there are many. These steps (and the finer details) are in place to ensure that the airspace above the subject property is secure and not occupied by other airborne vehicles during the operation. These steps also ensure that our sUAS platform is airworthy prior to flight. Included in these steps are appropriate Battery Management Protocols to ensure that the sUAS has the required power to complete the mission.

The end result of following proper Flight Management Protocols is the safe and efficient delivery of your airborne analytics.

And speaking of Analytics

Time for Analytics Review. Once we have landed, we will complete the processing of your data to deliver the analytics that we promised. Part of living up to “FreshAnalytics” is providing those analytics as soon as is humanly possible. If we are delivering multi-spectral analytics (agriculture, viticulture, golf turf management) we could be reviewing the analytics with you within an hour of landing. If we are delivering photogrammetry analytics we will endeavour to deliver your analytics within 24 hours (the next business day).

We always want to give you (and other stakeholders) easy access to your analytics. We will endeavour to upload your analytics to the cloud within 24 hours so that you can have easy access for tracking, monitoring and sharing the analytics that are collected over time.

Your Approval

Although this step is fairly obvious, we nonetheless take it very seriously. We want you as a client for a very long time. For that to happen, we must be adding value every single time we fly for you. One of three things will happen:

You will tell us to stay the course (and we will continue the regular billing and service cycles)

You will tell us to modify the course (see stage 6) and continue with the regular billing and service cycles

You will ask that we stop flying and invoke the FreshAnalytics Service Guarantee.

Your Feedback

This is really where the rubber hits the road. Your feedback (and the implementation of that feedback) is crucial for FreshAnalytics' FreshAnalytics process, this is where we find out how to make your experience better...and getting to know you better...rince and repeat the process!