At FreshAnalytics, our service is loaded with good stuff…

Site Volumes:

  • Calculate overall material volumes added or removed from pits, stockpiles, cells and drainage channels
  • Upload design file to compare actual surface to design surface and track conformance.

Design Checks:

  • Easily measure distances, slopes and heights to compare with design measurements.
  • Get quick and accurate topo surveys whenever you need.

Subcontractor Management:

  • Perform quick volume calculations of material moved for contract conformance and payment.
  • See proof of site changes via a visual timeline.
  • Fewer disputes as data can be shared with subcontractors so everyone is on the same page.

Roads and Traffic:

  • Better road management. Measure road grades, cross-slopes, road widths, and windrow heights to ensure they meet design and safety requirements.
  • Optimize traffice plans with a complete, up to date site map and easily direct personnel to where they need to be.
  • Reduce cycle times and optimize mobile plant efficiency by tracking haul road design conformanc


  • Reduce people-to-machine interactions by surveying inaccessible or hazardous areas safely using a drone.
  • Get overall site images for inspection works, without requiring personnel to move around the site.
  • Track changes in slope angles to better manage slips.

Environmental Responsibilities:

  • Get frequent, detailed images of site boundaries and protected areas to ensure these areas are not disturbed.
  • Demonstrate conformance to regulatory requirements via frequent surveys visualised on a timeline.
  • Survey rehabilitation areas to ensure conformance to plans and regulations.

Project Efficiency:

  • Know what you are quoting. Conduct your own site surveys before the job begins and whatever changes occur.
  • Tighter planning and budgeting as a result of more frequent and accurate volume data.
  • Get accurate measurements at any time without leaving the office.
  • Fewer required site visits from headoffice as stakeholders can track progress and inspect work remotely.
  • Cloud-based access to analytics means all stakeholders can work from the same up-to-date survey data at the same time, reducing the risk of miscommunications and mistakes.