Aggregates Operations need timely, actionable, frequent and cost-efficient analytics.

We’d like to introduce you to FreshAnalytics.

Pit Management:

  • Manage in-pit stock volumes; and calculate total volumes removed from pit via surface-to-surface comparisons.
  • Compare actual-to-surface-to-shell to track conformance.
  • Track changes in slope angles between surveys to better manage slips
  • Calculate bench angles and overall pit slope angles for shell conformance.
  • Improve safety by enabling Geotechs to inspect walls remotely.
  • Export PDF reports to keep site personnel up-to-date.
  • Export 3D DXF and point cloud files to update pit and waste dump designs.

Blasting Operations:

  • Easily compare pre and post-blast volumes and measure blast face angles.
  • Calculate drill hole depths.
  • Inspect blast fragmentation areas safely.

Roads and Traffic:

  • Measure road grades, cross-slopes, road widths and windrow heights to make sure they meet design and safety requirments.
  • Reduce cycle times and optimize mobile plant efficiency by tracking haul road design conformance.

Contractor Management:

  • Perform quick volume calculations of material moved for contract conformance and payment.
  • See “proof” of work via a visual timeline.
  • Fewer disputes as data can be shared with contractors so that everyone is on the same page.

Project Efficiency:

  • Tighter planning and budgeting with more frequent and accurate volume data.
  • Fewer site visits are required as head office and other stakeholders can track progress and inspect work remotely.
  • Ability to manage more sites as accurate data from all sites is more easily accessible.
  • Extend the life of fixed plants by conducting more frequent inspections.
  • Cloud-based project management platform means all departments can work from the same up-to-date survey data at the same time.
  • Tailor production to customer demand with more frequent and accurate stockpile and pit volume data.


  • Measure stockpile volumes more frequently and safely to enable better stockpile management.

Run of Mine (ROM) Management:

  • Measure ROM volumes more frequently to ensure consistent grades through the mill.
  • Get quick and accurate topo surveys whenever you need.

Environmental Responsibilities:

  • Get frequent, detailed images of site boundaries and protected areas to ensure these aren’t disturbed.
  • Demonstrate conformance to regulations via a visual timeline.
  • Inspect areas before and after major events (like large precipitation events).