We serve 3D Scanning to save time, increase safety, and improve accuracy for executives, operations staff and clients

3D for industry, Architecture, Engineering and construction.

Save time with 3D Scanning
Whether you work in industry, architecture, engineering, or construction, you'll be able to streamline documentation, 3D scan as-builts, and collaborate with ease. With FreshAnalytics, you can also reduce costs and help save the most precious commodity — your time.


agree that 3D Capture is the future of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries


agree a 3D walkthrough is better to communicate job status

3D Scanning that fits your workflow

FreshAnalytics' platform automatically stitches all your data together, allowing you to export your data into other platforms seemlessly, saving you significant amounts of manual work and time.

FreshAnalytics will create 3D walkthroughs that guide anyone immediately to a virtual site tour.

  • Communicate milestones quickly and effectively by reducing and even eliminating travel time and by sharing, editting and annotating your model to get sign-offs.
  • We facilitate remote inspections, accurate measurements while offsite, and reduce site visits by capturing all site imagery the first time.
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